I’m really just your average girl, who happens to LOVE taking photos, and lucky for me, other people think I’m pretty good at it! I’ve always been interested in photography, (and I have about a gazillion vacation photos to prove it) but when I lost my job in 2008, I decided to take charge of my life in a new way, and work for myself. That is how Rooftop Studios was born. Since then, I have gotten to meet so many wonderful people at new and exciting stages of their lives, and have had the privilege of documenting these special times for them. I believe portraits should be an affirmation of the present and a solid investment in the future. Something truly unique that you and your children (and your grandchildren) can treasure for decades to come. So what’s new and exciting in your life? I look forward to meeting you and hearing all about YOUR special time!


Here are a few photos of me taken by the very talented Crystal Genes.

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